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Guide for Relocating to South Florida

It goes without saying, but moving can always prove to be a stressful time in any one's life. When you add in the element of relocation to another state, moving becomes even more of a challenge. Throughout my time as a Realtor, I have had the pleasure of working with many clients who were relocating from another state. They always came to me with so many questions and concerns; I would do my best to answer and provide reassurance when possible. 

Below is a list of questions I get frequently asked from clients relocating: 

How easy is the commute? 

Are there well-rated schools nearby? 

Is this a safe neighborhood? 

What kind of restaurants or bars are nearby? 

Do kids play outside here? 

Do people use Uber or Lyft around this area? 

..and so many more questions. Some I can quickly answer, while others take some time to respond to. Ultimately though asking questions is the number one thing you should be doing when relocating to a new city. Your REALTOR may not have all the answers, but they are meant to be someone you can trust and rely on for valid and factual information about the area you wish to live in. 

I also have my tips for people wanting to explore a new neighborhood before deciding to move in. Visit the local mall and eateries, attend a local community or school event and most importantly talk to the people who live in these communities. Immerse yourself for a day to see what life in that community...

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